What is recce.tv?:

recce.tv is a very simple to use tool, mainly for the preparation of film making where many locations must be inspected by many people as well as third party companies in order to co-ordinate their efforts in such endevours as set construction to storyline however in recent years it has proved just as useful in architecture and construction as well as the scientific community.

How does it work and how can use it?

Photographers, DOP’s and script writers use reccePIX to develop ideas in even crazy locations, or to narrow down a vast list of possible locations spread all over the globe and to make storyboards.

Some are then photoshoped and shown to investors, banks and corporate intities to further fund the project.

Set designers,  Special FX, Stunt teams, Sparx, Grips, hire, as well as involved third party companies then inspect the photos for a multitude of minor details like electric, water, delivery method, distances, positioning, obstructions, fields of view, floor surface to build on or carry equipment through, height and other restrictions.

Location managers, then refer to the photos for exits, traffic, safety, pitching, parking, talent routes avoiding paprazzi hiding spots all while ensuring there is enough space for emegency services, electric, water, disposal and public safety or avoidance.

Camera crew, lighting directors,will then use those photos to look for pylons/poles and overhead cables to determin Jib size/delivery, cable lengths, dolly type/footprint, focal lengths/lenstypes, light bounce, available daylight/sunlight/moonlight/streetlight or traffic lighting.

Script writers can then make further use of the photos to build location quirks into the storyline and spark ideas which are then discussed back with the Producers/Directors and adjustments are made by refering back to the photos while filtered through the rest of the crew again and again.

All the while, all photos, videos, documents and comments are password protected, can be totally annonymous and accessible only to those you choose, pictures can be zoomed, comments can be left for individual pictures or whole albums and this development can happen 24/7 without waiting for meetings or time zome differences. Producers and directors or anyone you choose or not can be kept up to date on what is being discussed.

The results of this site and its services are never made public, if when filming is in the can and its projector days are over and the pictures are of some use to someone, permission to use the media will be asked and will still then remain annonymous.

My movie has been shelved for now. How long will the media be kept online for us to use?

Currently There is no time limit for projects in production or pre-production. The albums can remain online (password protected) until the project is completed …however full res media can be quite vast in size so projects that are shelved may be reduced in quality but still clearly visible (less zoom) until such time as is needed where the full res will be re-uploaded they can also be downloaded by the account holder and kept. But this can always be discussed and is not a major problem.

If you have any questions please leave a comment below and I will build the answer into the site.